What's the Word?
Classroom Kits
What's the Word? Classroom Kits come in three volumes. Each volume teaches approximately 200 words and consists of a full-length video with skits, songs and quick-drill reviews, five flashcard decks, 30 reusable student workbooks and a teacher resource book. Words are repeated throughout all three volumes to build retention. "Each Monday my students eagerly await the next video segment. Students who were failing quizzes are now making 100's."
Christine Gonzales, McDonald's-Disney American English Teacher

"What's the Word? is the best SAT prep vocabulary program I've seen on the market today."
Majorie Kleinneiur, English department chair, Lake Highlands Junior High, Dallas

"I'm working primarily with at-risk students... I'm amazed at the results... and would recommend it to anyone."
Scott Westherill, AIM High, Madison, S. Dakota

"I think all English classes should have this program."
Mayra M., ESL student

What's the Word? videos
What's the Word? teaches 635 words including 249 of those most used on the SAT exam.

Thousands more are presented as synonyms and antonyms.

What could be easier or more fun than this for you and your students?

Show two funny skits or songs on the video (five to seven minutes); do flashcard exercises

Assign workbook exercises

Resource book exercise

Test using exams from the teacher resource book

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