What's the Word?
The Flashcards
A far cry from flaschcards used for boring word drills, these illustrated cards provide visual cues to the meanings of words and provide context. Antonyms, synonyms and harder similar words call "brainers" are also featured, expanding the core 635 word list into the 1,000's. The illustration and text on the flashcards are used to introduce the words on the videos. "The flashcards were an especially beneficial tool; we saw a definite improvement."
James Neve, Dallas teacher of students with learning disabilities.

"The flashcards are excellent, as they visually reinforce what has been taught in the classroom."
Christine Gonzales, 1995 McDonald's-Disney English Teacher

Flashcard front displays vocabulary word or words.
Flashcard back
Flashcard front
Flashcard back has meaning, illustration, synonyms, "brainers," and antonyms.
School kits are packaged as Volumes I, II and III, each containing five decks of flashcards, one video, 30 student workbooks and one teacher resource book. Additional flashcard sets can be purchased.

Best use of flashcards is in small groups. Among other things students can practice using the words by developing their own sentences; suggest additional synonyms and antonyms; report on uses of the words in newspapers, magazines and on television or create their own flashcards using drawings, pictures from magazines or clip art downloaded from the Internet.

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