What's the Word?
These comb-bound books are designed for easy duplication of exercises, games and tests.

Enrichment exercises, crossword puzzles, word search games and three types of tests help build word retention (without boring memorization!) and measure student progress.

The three types of exams for each unit of words–clever whodunits, sentence completion and analogies–test comprehension and build thinking skills while preparing students for standardized tests.

A sample sentence completion:

Even though a number of critics ________ Martinez's guitar work on the album, most ________ it.
a. denounced...belittled
b. praised...endorsed
c. denigrated...admired
d. disparaged...ignored
e. derided...credited

"I do like the sentence completion and analogies because they are good practice for the PSAT & the SAT. Overall, I think this style of review is very effective."
Anonymous Student at Episcopal School of Dallas

"The quizzes are great preparation for the PSAT and the SAT. They help you with analogies and sentence completion."
Doug Pander former Episcopal School of Dallas student

"The quizzes really helped me prepare for the PSAT. They put the words into context instead of just asking for the definition. The analogies were the best. I finally, really, understand how to do them."
Cristina Padron, former Episcopal School of Dallas student


WTW word is the way.
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