What's the Word?
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Which explanation of the word "oblivious" is going to stick with you?

"Taking no notice, as though unaware or indifferent, usually with of or to: oblivious of the noise." (Dictionary)
"A person who is oblivious is out to lunch, in "la-la land," clueless, an "airhead." Someone who is oblivious is not tuned in to his surroundings." (WTW)

There is actually more to the What's the Word? description but you get the picture.

Add clever exercises to reinforce learning and you have What's the Word? workbooks. Each of the three volumes comes with 30-150 or more page, reusable workbooks. Throughout the course, words used earlier are repeated to ensure retention.

For best results assign some of the exercises for individual work in class or as homework; save some for group discussion.

"It's not boring like have a dictionary."
Ivan T., ESL student

"The vocab book was the best one I have ever had."
Sara Good, Episcopal School of Dallas

"That's the first time in my life I started to use words from the vocabulary book more often with my friends and my parents."
Hellen Kovoticova, Episcopal School of Dallas

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