What's the Word?
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"They use the words, they sing the songs in the halls, they rave about it to their friends and parents."
Fran Hillyer, middle school English teacher

"The combination of video, worksheets and flashcards (resulted in) an average 20 percent increase in student performance within 10 weeks."
Rita J. Sherbenou, LD teacher

"I work with at-risk students. They were singing the songs and repeating dialogue from the tape even after they finished the class."
Scott Westherill, AIM High, Madison, S. Dakota

If we can see it, we can learn it. And if we can hear it and sing it, too, that's even better. This is why What's the Word? uses hand-drawn illustrations, comedy skits and original songs on video to help teenagers and adults enlarge their reading, writing and reading vocabulary.

Three full-length videos work in tandem with illustrated flashcards and cleverly written workbook exercises to make vocabulary -building easy, quick and always entertaining.

Three videos, each approximately two hours long, introduce the 635 vocabulary words by an illustration and use the word in a sentence to show context. An original song or skit follows in which a group of words is used at least twice, again in context. A two-minute drill follows, using the illustrations and brief definitions shown at the start.

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WTW? won a Parents' Choice award
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