What's the Word?
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"(The) only problem I have is that the videos are too short!"
Abdo-Haki Irwin, Harvey, Illinois high school student

"I watch a great video for a few minutes each day with my daughter, and my vocabulary automatically increases."
Jackie Waldman, homemaker

"The videos are so funny and stupid that I remember the words. They really help."
Krystle Givens, Baltimore, MD middle school student

"I'm an audio learner. Therefore, the videos are very effective."
Emily Cohn, Episcopal School of Dallas

If we can see it, we can learn it. And if we can hear it and sing it, too, that's even better. This is why What's the Word? uses hand-drawn illustrations, comedy skits and original songs on video to help teenagers and adults enlarge their speaking, writing and reading vocabulary.

Three full-length videos work in tandem with illustrated flashcards and cleverly written workbook exercises to make vocabulary building easy, quick and entertaining.

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