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Which explanation of the word "oblivious" is going to stick with you?

"Taking no notice, as though unaware or indifferent, usually with of or to: oblivious of the noise." (Dictionary)
"A person who is oblivious is out to lunch, in "la-la land," clueless, an "airhead." Someone who is oblivious is not tuned in to his surroundings." (WTW)

There is actually more to the What's the Word? description, but you get the picture.

Add clever exercises to reinforce learning and you have What's the Word? workbooks. There are three different workbooks of approximately 150 pages each. Home study workbooks have the answers printed in the back. Throughout the course, words used earlier are repeated to ensure retention.

"If you have junior or high school students in your life, quit wasting money on inferior products and get them What's the Word?"
Lynn, Dallas teacher and mother

"The program has a good strong dose of humor to make the learning interesting."
Katie, Dallas high school junior

"I have found the workbooks to be invaluable."
Shannon Olson, Toronto professional

WTW? teaches with humor
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