What's the Word?
Home Study Kits
The What's the Word? Home Study Kit consists of hilarious skits and songs on three full-length videos, three decks of illustrated flashcards and three cleverly written workbooks (with answers). "We are making (using) it a family event. Although we purchased the program to help our son Justin, we are all taking part in the learning experience... It's so much fun."
Maureen Israelson, Dallas

"I'm a 25-year-old professional in a high stress environment... Thank you for what your product has done for me!"
Shannon Olson, Toronto

"My percentile on the GRE was double my SAT after I used What's the Word?"
Kim Rosenfield, Vanderbilt University

"It's practically effortless. After watching the videos for only 12 minutes a day. I felt like a more intelligent person."
Mandy Skibell, The University of Texas

What's the Word? videos
What's the Word? teaches 635 words including 249 of those most used on the SAT exam.

Thousands more are presented as synonyms and antonyms.

This quick, fun and easy way to build vocabulary is the perfect solution for:

Concerned parents whose teenager doesn't comprehend what he/she reads, has learning difficulties or is facing the SAT, ACT or other standardized test.

Young adults who are prepping for the GRE and other graduate school exams, facing professional qualifying exams or wanting a competitive edge.

Older adults who are going back to school, facing promotional exams or wanting to stay competitive.

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