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Home Study Kits
(Please click here for information on ordering Classroom Study Kits. )

Home Study Kits
Home Study Kits contain three full-length videos, three workbooks (with answers) and three decks of flashcards for just $299.95 plus shipping and handling.

Studying with friends
Is more than one person in your family participating? Order additional workbook sets (3 books) at $55.95 each; flashcard sets (3 decks), $29.95 each.

To order call 1-888-44-LEARN.

Other ordering options
• Order by telephone at 1-888-44-LEARN.
• Order by snail mail. Click
here (wtw@whats-the-word.com) to request form.


Purchase the Home Study Kit (see ordering options above). In addtion you may wish to purchase school edition workbooks (without answers) and teacher resource books (with answers and suggested tests) by using the classroom order form. Request the form by calling 1-888-44-LEARN or click here (wtw@whats-the-word.com) to e-mail What's the Word?

Classroom Study Kits

Volume 1, 2 and 3 Classroom Kits
These include one video, 30 non-consumable workbooks, five flashcard decks and a teacher resource book – $695.50, $655.50 each if 5 are purchased.

Volume 1, 2 and 3 Supplemental Kits
Each includes 10 non-consumable workbooks and one flashcard deck – regularly $200 each.

When ordering, please remember:
• Every student begins with Volume 1 (successive volumes build on vocabulary learned in earlier volumes);

• Every classroom must have a video to show;

• A flashcard deck should be available for every six students;

• Every student must have his or her own workbook;

• Every teacher must have his or her own resource book.

To request an order form:
• call 1-888-44-LEARN or
• click here (wtw@whats-the-word.com) to e-mail What's the Word?

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