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Aim High School, Madison, South Dakota
This high school serves "at-risk" students. What the Word? was used for independent study.
Pre-test Score
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Scott Weatherill, teacher:
"I'm working primarily with at-risk students, and for the most part, their vocabulary really needed some work. I stress vocabulary in my literature classes, but What's the Word? Volume 1 made it easier for me to incorporate vocabulary in my composition courses and my integrated English class. It was fun and challenging for both me and the students to incorporate words from the workbook into their compositions and their everyday vocabulary. Students who are a part of our program work individually in their classes and What's the Word? can be easily integrated into a self-paced classroom structure as well as the traditional classroom. I'm amazed at the results of the students’ pre-tests and post-tests from Volume 1.

"I am currently starting the students in What's the Word? Volume 2 and looking forward to using Volume 3. I also found it interesting that, even though some students claimed that the video for Volume 1 was “corny,” they were singing the songs and repeating the dialogue from the tape even after they finished the class. I strongly feel that the video does an excellent job of reinforcing the vocabulary words. I really have enjoyed working with What's the Word? and will recommend it to anyone interested in finding a unique way of incorporating vocabulary into their classroom."
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