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Thornton High School, Harvey, Illinois
A dean of students at this low socio-economic school saw What's the Word? and questioned whether his students were advanced enough even to try the product. However, the English department wanted to put What's the Word? to the test. Students were not given post-tests, but both teachers and students reported great success with the course. Here are some of their comments.

Laurie Cook, Student:
"I like learning new words because I can teach my mom new words. Yes, I have been able to learn the vocab words."

D.A., Student:
"I think What's the Word? is very good. It helps me learn more and increase my vocabulary a whole lot. Your eclectic skits help me to the correct way to use the words."

Jabari Burke, Student:
"I feel that the new vocabulary program is a good thing. I feel that it gives us a chance to learn some new words and to enhance our vocabulary. At first I thought that the new program was inane now I feel that it is virtuoso."

Dea'Thenese Atkins, Student:
"I think using What's the Word? helped me increase my vocabulary a lot. The flashcards resulted as a helpful hand. The mini paragraphs of the words are very useful when you don't have any flashcard. I congratulate you. Thanks for your concern."

Anonymous Student:
"I don't think that this vocab program is the best thing I have tried, but it works. I find myself using words like obvious, serene, virtuoso, and eclectic more. I am also finding words out of the vocab in peoples that I know speech. I like the flash cards the best."

James Brown, Student:
"Yes I have learned most of the vocabulary words, and I have used them in my daily vocabulary. I like everything about the program."

Calvin Glasby, Student:
"What I like about the program is that it helps us on a job interview. They would think that we are very well educated. Yes because people are having fun doing the vocabulary. You can improve this lesson by doing a play on the words."

J.W., Student:
"I liked the program's ambiance."

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