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Episcopal School of Dallas, Dallas, Texas
In 1997, 100% of this private prep school's graduating class went to college. The school began using What's the Word? in the fall of 1996 for the junior class to prepare for the PSAT. Students' glowing evaluations prompted the school to expand its use of What's the Word?

Robert Harris, Student:
"Out of all the vocabulary books I have received over the years, What's the Word? worked on building my vocabulary better than all the others, in 9 weeks. All the other books didn't give definitions to the words, wanting you to look them up, adding ennui to something that was already at the apex of boredom. The selection of words was also superbly done, I personally remember 8 or so of them on my PSAT, and surely I missed some. The blurbs were also exact and to the point... making it obsolete to spend time looking in a boring-____ dictionary."

Rebecca Levine, Student:
"What's the Word? has given me an opportunity to learn vocabulary and 'own' the words. In my past years at E.S.D. we have used various vocabulary books, but never with a visual aid. Since the beginning of the year I have noticed my class using the words with confidence unlike ever before."

Sara Good, Student:
"Over all I think that What's the Word? was very inventive and humorous and I wish to continue on into levels 2 and 3."

Mandy Jones, Student:
"This vocab book was the best one that I have ever had. It was challenging, but it was also relaxed and fun. It didn't make you hate doing vocab for one. The video idea was excellent, because it helped especially for those who learn visually. The workbook and exercises that were in it were not hard and basically illustrated what the word actually meant. From the quizzes, I learned skills that definitely helped me on PSAT. Overall, this is the first vocab book that I have remembered the words from."

David Fise, Student:
"What's the Word? was a more enjoyable and an easier way for me to learn vocabulary. In the past, my teacher's have used small books with lots of boring reading as our source of vocabulary. What's the Word? brings about a new and different way of helping students learn the words including fun exercises and videos. In the past, I have had trouble learning words and making good grades on quizzes. But, with this new method, the words have stuck in my mind and my quiz scores have improved."

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