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Ruxton Country School, Owings Mill, Maryland
This independent co-educational school ordered What's the Word? for its 7th graders in the fall of 1996. The students wrote letters expressing their enthusiasm, and the school continues to use What's the Word?

Christine Gaskins, Student:
"I really like your video, it makes me want to learn the words more because it looks fun. Almost every Friday we have a vocabulary test in Mr. Cook's class. Sometimes I get good grades on them sometimes I don't get so good grades. Your videos are a really good influence on children who need more help on learning things. I really thank you for making these videos for people around the world."

Casy Lewinter, Student:
"I've learned a lot for What's the Word? I'm writing you from Baltimore, MD in Mr. Cook's class. You can learn a lot and have fun at the same time. The rappers were good too. We have vocabulary quests (tests) every Friday. It's a very good influence for all children. Thank you very much for your time. Make more videos."

Krystle Givens, Student:
"We have been watching your vocabulary video this year in Mr. Cook's English class. It has help, because now when I'm reading, I know these words, sometimes even when I'm speaking I use the words. The video shows are so funny and stupid that I remember the words. Your videos really help. Thank you."

Jon Levine, Student:
"I am from Mr. Cook's class. What's the Word? is very cool. I would like to see the Royals more and more. I learned a glut of information. The first day everyone was singing Your so Serene. I even bought the video and cards for home because I like it so much. My sister who is sixteen uses it with her tutor and she thinks it is great so does her tutor."

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