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1. You are completing a questionnaire for a three-week trip to Tierra Firma, deep in the Amazon jungle. Your choice of roommate is either Monique, who is querulous; Sabre, who is innocuous; or Genna, who is ominous. Your roomate could be
a. Monique because she is even-tempered.
b. Sabre because she is nice but boring. (Innocuous means harmless.)
c. Genna because she is a blast.
d. None because all are dangerous or crazy.

2. Your pilot will be either Matt or Dillon. Matt checks every gauge and instrument before flying. Dillon holds the ground crew responsible for everything on the plane. Who would you rather have as your pilot?
a. Dillon because he's prodigious.
b. Matt because he's gregarious.
c. Dillon because he's omniscient.
d. Matt because he's meticulous. (Meticulous means thorough or precise.)

3. There will be plenty of long, lonely nights once your've arrived in Tierra Firma. Your reading material will be either hackneyed, recondite, wry or inconsequential. You like
a. hackneyed, preferably a collection of flowery greeting cards.
b. Recondite. Reading this will help your chronic headache.
c. wry, because your chuckles will keep you awake. (Wry means dryly humorous or ironic.)
d. inconsequential. What better way to stimulate your senses?

4. You tell the others on the trip about yourself. You are
a. meticulous in personal hygiene, bathing Sunday.
b. querulous because you are curious about the world.
c. engendered by your parents. (Engendered means caused to happen.)
d. naive because you have a lot of common sense.

5. Because you are nervous about this trip, you secretly peruse the pilot's maps in the back of the plane. This act is most like that of a
a. shoplifter stashing stolen CDs under his bed.
b. newspaper editor looking for errors in a story. (Peruse means to study thoroughly or analyze.)
c. cook licking the bowl when no one's looking.
d. bookstore shopper leafing through magazines.

6. Your pilot, freaked by the disappearance of his maps, is __________ when he spies a clearing in the jungle just big enough for him to land.
a. voluptuous
b. superfluous
c. ebullient (Ebullient means highspirited.)
d. euphemistic

7. Having survived the white-knuckle landing, you feel enervated and promptly
a. throw up.
b. go to sleep. (Enervated means worn out.)
c. sign up for the next trip.
d. teach the hustle to the natives.

8. The group is ready to explore the jungle. You are surprised to find yourself lugubrious, which means you are
a. embarrassed that you didn't bring the right clothes.
b. too sluggish from last night's cookout to do much walking.
c. weepy and very homesick. (Lugubrious means miserable and gloomy.)
d. feeling slow-witted and confused.

9. You want to learn how the people of Tierra Firma use plants in medicine, so you
a. treat the local medicine man deferentially. (Deference means respect or courtesty.)
b. demonstrate your own virulence just to get along.
c. tell the people their culture is ephemeral.
d. show you're assiduous by chewing a few leaves.

10. After the trip, you are back in the States and still amazed by your audacity. You look in the mirror and see a person displaying
a. courage, for taking such a trip. (Audacity means daring boldness.)
b. an increase in size, from the natives' splendid cooking.
c. disgust, at how the Amazon jungle is shrinking.
d. sentimentality, remembering friends from the trip.

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