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Northwest Classen High School
During the spring of 1997, this inner-city school participated in a pilot study for its 9th and 11th grade reading classes. These "at risk" students, who were reading one to eight years below grade level, were pre-tested and post-tested with the Gates-MacGinitie Reading Tests. The reading level improvements were dramatic after just four months.

Shown are representative scores. Complete lists of test scores are available upon request.

Reading Level Improvement
Student 01
Student 02
Student 03
Student 04
Student 05
Student 06
Student 07
Student 08
Glenna Voegle, Teacher/Reading Specialist:
"These materials appeared to be highly motivating for most of the at-risk students and held their interests for the major part of the semester. Because of the difficulty level of the workbook exercises (for this population), these were modified. Students worked the tests included in the teacher's resource manual, with an average success rate of "C." The analogies were used for bonus points as these were quite difficult for most of the students. The video was an excellent too... The flashcards were extremely helpful... I definitely recommend the program and would like to see the same model developed, with easier, high frequency and functional words."
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