What's the Word?
Course Results
Results and Evaluations of Pilot Study

Schools that helped us determine early on the effectiveness of What's the Word? have agreed to share their results with you. These schools serve a variety of student populations, ranging from inner-city to private prep, learning disabled to arts magnet. Students considered to be at-risk were also included. Most of these schools pre- and post-tested students, and the results were just as we had hoped – in all cases impressive and in many, astounding.

Profiles of Participating Schools:

AIM High School, Madison, SD – This high school serves "at-risk" students.

Winston School, Dallas, TX – Winston is a private school for students with learning differences.

North Dallas High School, Dallas, TX – Designated as the first international school in Texas, this school is located in a lower socio-economic area and draws ESL students representing more than 30 nationalities.

Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing Arts, Dallas, TX – Ninth graders at this nationally renowned arts magnet school participated in the pilot test.

Thornton High School, Harvey, IL – This school has a low socio-economic student population.

Episcopal School of Dallas, Dallas, TX – One hundred percent of this private prep school's graduating class went to college.

Ruxton Country School, Owings Mill, MD – Ruxton is an independent co-educational school.

Northwest Classen High School, Oklahoma City, OK – "At-risk" students in reading classes at this public school participated in the pilot program.
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